Paulo Santos

Being the founder and managing partner for Akribeia EPG Group, it allowed me a unique opportunity to honestly caring for our own people, the clients we work for, and our partners, all of those mentioned, will make and continue to keep our company successful.I didn’t know if the dream would come true, I always believed with hard work and persistence it would, by never give up. I believed that with the right team, we could create a credible and respectable company with a culture that keeps our people engaged and joyful.

I also realized that achieving the vision to the fullest would be a journey that would never end, Akribeia will continue to to work hard in growing and developing its business, in the same time keeping its values.

Venusia Marfianty

By bringing a decade of designs expertise and product development in the designs industry, as creative design director and managing partner for Akribeia EPG Group, I bring creativity and fresh ideas to our clients.Bringing to the organization the focus on the business acumen while balancing the client needs, I also have a strong talent to find source of materials and manipulate from conceptual to become reality into product.

In our factories or with our partnership with our suppliers and other factories, I bring my own designs and ideas, as well as textiles designs to a variety of Projects. With my heart full with passion for what I learn and achieve over the last 20 years, I bring innovation and expertise in product development, giving satisfaction and happiness to our client and project

Rui Carreiras

With a professional career spanning three decades in the area of the development and management of architectural projects in Portugal and Iberia Peninsula, my role in Akribeia EPG Group as the Director of business development, is anchored in the establishment of bridges of multicultural articulation, West-East strategy in its various business areas

Endie Arviandi

With a decade of interior designs expertize and product development and fabrication in the furniture industry, as interior designer and general manager for Akribeia EPG Group, I bring creativity, product development in our productions, and quality control.

I bring to the organization the focus of our design teams, craftsman’s on our production lines to meet project specifications. I also have a strong talent in marketing and costumer services relations.